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    Episode 1125: Neal’s Garden Questions (Permabyte)


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    Neal from New Jersey wrote me a few days ago with the following questions.  I already had a chance to respond to him via email, so he could start working on this immediately, but this takes that response and expands on it a bit.

    1) Is it bad to buy non-organic plants for your home garden? I know this isn’t ideal, but since I wanted to get a few more veggies into the garden, I just bought a few from the local Agway. Now I’m wondering if that was a bad thing to do.
    2) Should I get my soil tested to see how I can improve it
    3) I understand there are a lot of things we can add to improve the soil such as manure (I can easily obtain horse manure where I live), veggie scraps, coffee grinds, etc. However, is it good to use these if we don’t know if they’re organic or not
    4)Any tips on making/obtaining supplies to build a raised bed?

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