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Episode 1221: Revisioning Permaculture with Andrew Faust

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My guest for this episode is Andrew Faust and he shares with us a way to re-vision, or re-imagine, permaculture.

Andrew is a permaculture teacher who, along with his partner Adriana, runs the Permaculture Center for Bioregional Living, a permaculture training and education site in and around New York City.

Our conversation, about re-visioning permaculture, examines taking the core ideas of permaculture as a design method and looking for leverage points to scale those ideas up to beyond the homestead and into city and region sized projects that interconnect people, communities, and the world at large into functioning sustainable systems. Best of all, this can be accomplished in ways that generate jobs and meaningful income, while also rehabilitating degraded land, and does so without needing to look for a sudden decline to make implementing broadly happen. We talk about solutions that fit the mainstream, now. In existing society in a way that is approachable to many.

Andrew’s Videos:
Unique Vision on Permaculture
Vision for a New Economy

The Center for Bioregional Living
The Center for Bioregional Living Facebook Page

EPA Compost Report (Full – PDF)
EPA Compost Report (2-Page Handout – PDF)

U.S. Bioregion Map
Brownfield and Superfund Maps

Amory Lovins
Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Military-Industrial Complex Speech
John Todd
Paul Hawken
Terry Tamminen Lives Per Gallon

Brooklyn Permaculture Meetup
Gesundheit Institute
Oasis NYC
Northeast Organic Farming Association
The Trust for Public Land – New York

Biogas (Wiki)
Living Machines (Wiki)

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