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Episode 1635: Slow Money with Nancy T...

Episode 1635: Slow Money with Nancy Thellman
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In this episode Nancy Thellman of Slow Money Northeast Kansas joins David Bilbrey to talk about the slow money movement which is creating human scale loans all over the world, outside the stream of modern financial markets. Since Woody Tasch originated this idea in the late ’00s, they have moved $50,000,000 between individuals for their […]

Episode 1634: Creating a Miraculous A...

Episode 1634: Creating a Miraculous Abundance
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Today’s guest is Perrine Hervé-Gruyer author, along with her husband Charles, of Miraculous Abundance: One Quarter Acre, Two French Farmers and Enough Food to Feed the World. During the conversation time talk about international permaculture and the French permaculture movement; what books, materials, and classes are available in that region folks interested in getting involved […]

Episode 1633: Connect Africa with Tre...

Episode 1633: Connect Africa with Trevor Tychon
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(Picture: Trevor Tychon of Connect Africa Ministries at one of the Uganadan Connect Africa Resource Centers) Today’s episode sees David Bilbrey returning to have a conversation with Trevor Tychon the founder of Connect Africa Ministries, a faith-based non-governmental organization working in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Congo, creating Resource Centers that provide education, training, and community […]

Episode 1632: Michael Judd’s MA...

Episode 1632: Michael Judd’s MAPC Keynote Address
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(Picture: Michael Judd dishing out some paw paw (Asimina triloba) icecream created fresh, onsite, at the Mid-Atlantic Permaculture Convergence). Recorded live at the Mid-Atlantic Permaculture Festival, in this episode Michael Judd shares stories of his life in South America picking coffee and meeting Nicaraguan migrant families, resulting in a love of that country that eventually […]

Episode 1631: Protopean Learning and ...

Episode 1631: Protopean Learning and Leadership with Joshua Cubista
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David Bilbrey return to sit in the hosts’s seat in an interview that he recorded as a follow up to my earlier conversation with Joshua Cubista. David and Joshua explore further what it means to seek out a right livelihood while creating a truly sustainable world. Something that serves as a transition between the consumptive […]