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    1. August 21, 2011    

      I was just introduced to Permaculture a few weeks ago by a friend through some Geoff Lawton’s YouTube videos. I was so impacted that I immediately searched for a Podcast and found yours. It has really helped me to get a better understanding of what Permaculture is. Thank you for taking the time to produce this podcast. You are making a difference!

    2. SaulSaul
      October 30, 2013    

      Thank you for all of your hard work in providing the quality podcasts.

    3. Ryan HarpRyan Harp
      November 12, 2013    

      Thanks for responding to my email question! Keep up the great work!

    4. Mindy & GrahamMindy & Graham
      February 28, 2014    

      My partner and I found your podcast a few months ago and are grateful for your incredible and inspiring work. We appreciate your honesty and hopefully our donation and the donations of others will not only support your current work, but offer you freedom and flexibility in pursuing more. Thank you!

    5. March 3, 2014    

      Have you looked at Patreon? It seems like it supports just about everything you’re looking for in a member section. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get one up to $300 or even $500 per episode.

      • March 4, 2014    

        Hello Jason,

        I haven’t looked into Patreon, but will. One of the issues I’ve had with the crowdfunding sites and services is the small percentage cuts that get taken each step of the way. I’d rather remove the middleman and do direct support so that the generosity of those who choose to contribute goes farther and has a greater impact.

    6. Hal HurstHal Hurst
      March 13, 2014    

      Your inquisitive and kindly approach to interviews displays a paradigm for the new age man. You are my son’s age. Thank you for your efforts to help this world turn to a more sustainable path for the benefit of his and your children.

      Wouldn’t it be nice if future generations could thank the people of our time for their vision and foresight, rather than regret as we do the mistakes and ignorance of our past few generations of forebears that brought us here to the brink, facing the perils of pollution and climate change?

      Your always positive attitude will effect change far more effectively than all the ranting and screaming that goes on in political arenas in our country. Let’s get on with it, with a little encouragement from Scott Mann.

    7. March 18, 2014    

      Thanks for all you do, Scott!

    8. Joel JohnstoneJoel Johnstone
      March 22, 2014    

      Your openness and sincerity really comes through in your show, you obviously care deeply about communicating the essence of permaculture to the public. I’ve never donated to a podcast before, but I truly hope you keep the show going, your passion is infectious!
      I work as a gardener here in australia, but I just started my own business and hope to build it up as a permaculture design consultant. Hearing other people’s stories and where they started keeps me motivated to keep moving forward.

    9. KristinKristin
      April 30, 2014    

      Hi Scott, I have listened to a bunch of your interviews. They fit in perfectly with my needs for some intellectual stimulation and inspiration as I do dishes and housework. I appreciate your interviewing style and am truly impressed with your capacity to let the speakers share deeply without a lot of interference or being overly controlling of what is shared. I like our manner of addressing others, and your genuine respect and openness which seems to set the stage for a lot of awesome interviews. Keep on keeping on! Thank you.

    10. ConniConni
      May 19, 2014    

      Hi Scott,
      I’ve recently found your podcast and reached your crossroads episode. I am happy to help support you as you support me while I listen and work in my garden, do my barn chores or shovel “used” hay out of the goat barn. I am looking forward to hearing the rest of your podcasts. I find the journeys of the individuals you interview to be very inspiring as is your own journey. Thank you.

    11. Lawrence RicksonLawrence Rickson
      May 31, 2014    

      Thanks so much Scott! I really appreciate your thoughtful and insightful Podcast. I started listening to you because I listen to Dave Whittenger from ATP. Also I listen to Jack Spirko and I had no idea Jack was your inspiration for the start of your podcast, It seems like he is a driving force in permaculture. I love your podcasts because it is a little different from Paul Wheaton’s and Diego Footer from Permaculure Voices and from Jacks. I love it all, and am so glad that I stumbled upon you. I only came to the realization of permaculture about 6 months ago, and I have been trying to fill my brain with it ever since!! I have yet to take a PDC, but hopefully soon. I wish I could have been involved with Perma Ethos, but hopefully someday. I love the positive attitude of the permaculture community and really hope I can be more involved with it in the future. I hope to someday have my own business too, once I figure out what my niche may be! Thanks again for all of your very intentionally thoughtful podcasts. I know how much time and energy you must put into it, and I am grateful for all of your information. I love when you said on one of the podcasts when you mentioned that someone had “broke your brain”! It made me laugh out loud, and I can really relate to that statement. I hope I can learn, and speak as you do, with such intention with your vocabulary. I can really appreciate that, and will use it as a guide in my life. Thanks again Scott for your wonderful work in permaculture.

    12. CarmenCarmen
      February 8, 2015    

      Thanks Scott! I’ve enjoyed listening to your podcast for a while now. I live in Tasmania, Australia and I rely on podcasts to find out about what’s happening in Permaculture around the world. it’s great to hear so many people’s stories.

      • February 10, 2015    

        Hello Carmen!

        I’m glad to be able to help keep you connected with the permaculture community at large. Is there anyone you would like to hear more from on the show? Or a particular topic to cover?



    13. DanaDana
      June 25, 2015    

      My donate been sent before I completed my note so i’ll use this platform to complete it:)

      Hi my name is Dana
      I’ve recently discovered your podcast and I fill as if it’s changing my life.
      I’m from Israel and in my first steps of discovering permaculture.
      your podcast has open my horizons to so many other applications other than gardening.
      As you encourage the listeners to inporm you on a permaculture projects I’ve thought to tell you about a guy from Israel that devote himself for saving the bees by a using biodynamic bee keeping a method originally developed by Rudolph Steiner and is teaching it.
      Is that something that can intrest you and your listeners?
      Please let me know and I’ll connect you together.
      Thanks again for all your hardship


    14. chesschess
      July 7, 2015    

      Thank you, Scott! I loved your chat at the end of your rewilding talk with Peter Micheal Bauer, a great episode and your spiel at the end just summed up the state of the world perfectly. The conversations you offer here are ones that I rarely have with people in my own life. And it is a good feeling when you find outlets and people that speak that language of your soul, so thank you for your marvellous offering to the world! This is a beautiful resource of education and support! Much love and many many thanks, from New Zealand.

    15. September 7, 2016    

      Scott you are brilliant and an inspiration. Please try to keep on making your fantastic podcast!

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