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    Thank you for choosing to contribute this podcast with your donation and helping spread the word about permaculture. In addition to your donations helping to grow and expand the show, I will also use a portion of the funds to provide scholarships to Permaculture Design Courses and other Permaculture programs so that others may attend courses and gain this information first hand.

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    2. Daniel StroupDaniel Stroup
      June 17, 2013    

      Hey Scott,

      I have been listening to your show for about six months now. I really enjoy the interviews. I would like to support your efforts but cannot do so at this time. I am currently living abroad and do not feel comfortable about doing monetary activities over the internet at this time. I plan to return to the U.S. next April however, and would be very interested in helping your podcast grow.

      When I return to the U.S. I plan to begin my own small CSA program based on permaculture practices and methods. I have been planning to do this for two years now. As you know somethings take time to become reality. You along with your guests have given me new ideas I can use later. I appreciate the work you do and look forward to being able to support the show in the future.

    3. KyleKyle
      March 1, 2014    

      Just listened to your latest “Crossroads” episode. While it is unfortunate that things have gotten to such a frustrating point for you, you’ve done a really nice job sending out a bit of a wake up call. Its easy for me to take for granted that things on the internet are free. But such a personal and intimate account of your situation has broken through my inertia. And I guess I just want to say thanks for saying something before you were too exasperated to even continue. Hopefully I’m not alone in wanting the show to continue enough to support it (and also wanting you to feel rewarded for what you do.)
      So thanks again Scott.

    4. Kevin BrownKevin Brown
      March 1, 2014    

      Thank you. I have listened since the beginning and never donated. Lately I have been waiting for a subscription model but realize I should thank you for all the content you have already provided and not only what may come in the future. I understand if you do not continue with the show, however would really miss it. Thank you for all your hard work and great interviews. I hope to be able to keep listening well past the current schedule.

    5. Kat DugasKat Dugas
      March 3, 2014    

      Hey Scott,

      Listened to your Crossroads episode this morning on my bike to work. I listen to your podcasts often and have been meaning to make a donation to you as well as a couple of my other favorite shows. A good reminder to finally get around to sending the funds. Your episodes get me through my commute / day job and I would love to see the inspiration continue. Glad you shared the call for help, someday I hope we can all support each other to do what’s good for the earth and be able to immerse ourselves fully in what we love!


    6. wybowybo
      March 14, 2014    

      Hi Scott,
      I think it could help to do as Wayne Herring mentioned about what would you like to get out of the podcast on a monthly level of financial contributions. Mix that with what you also did with the levels of what you can do with various amounts of money such as using a photographer or buying other equipment. Combine that all with a thermometer of how close you are to that goal would help in knowing how much would be needed to keep you going. It’s just a thought.

      I wish you well on creating the podcast. I pass on the podcasts that I find pertinent for others when I can. Keep up the good work.

    7. EricaErica
      July 7, 2014    

      Thanks for what you do, Scott! I’ve been really enjoying the podcasts while working in my garden. A perfect combination of activities.

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