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    Thank you so very much for donating to The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann. These funds help keep the lights on, allow me to connect with guests, and in turn with the listeners.

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    1. Michael CommonsMichael Commons
      March 5, 2014    

      Dear Scott, I think you have scarcely begun to receive what you may potentially from your listenership and work. What you have done and are doing and sharing is building a great amount of merit or we might say credit. While many people are stressed about money, everyone has something to give and contribute in time, in knowledge, in care, and often in goods. In your 2000+ listeners, I bet there are some great magic herbal brews, killer kimchi, talented masseuses, surplus pastured eggs, homemade natural soap, homemade natural salsas, jams, jerky meats, interesting seeds and breeds. They are people with art skills, computer skills, gardening skills, building skills, teaching skills, woodcrafting skills, writing skills, translations skills …. I think most of your dedicated listeners if they have a place, would at least welcome you as a guest with your family. Maybe prepare a nice meal from wild foods, garden ingredients, and the best ferments. And get to share a bit of their story with someone who really knows how to listen. So you might welcome contributions of such other things and stock your pantry with the best of the best from the permaculture world. But then maybe you do need money in this monetary world. Maybe the killer kimchi is in Vashon, WA- quite a distance from your home. Maybe help building a straw bale is Chico, CA. Could we as listeners somehow give you such permaculture donations, that could be bought from you by other listeners? So Listener A- posts a donation of 2 bottles of kimchi in Vashon, WA. Listener B based in Seattle, buys the kimchi from you at $20 USD. This info is passed to Listen A, they meet up at some point, exchange goods and perhaps connect as a part of this permaculture community. Your show gets support. Listen B gets great kimchi. Listener A feels good supporting the show and is a bit closer to having a Ferments business.
      This is how I see the world.

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