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    Sorted alphabetically by topic alphabetically then from the oldest episode on that subject to newest. Those marked with (Early interview.) do not have the sound quality or production value of newer shows.


    Books and Book Reviews:
    Peter Bane’s The Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country
    Review: Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist
    The Traveling Permaculture Library Project
    A Review of Groundbreaking Food Gardens by Niki Jabbour
    Review – The Forager’s Harvest by Sam Thayer
    Review: The Market Gardener
    Episode 1511: Around the world in 80 plants with Stephen Barstow
    Episode 1518: Permabyte Review – The Permaculture City
    Episode 1532: The Permaculture City with Toby Hemenway
    Episode 1535: Beyond the War on Invasive Species

    Building a Better World:
    Interview: Ross Crutchfield of Making a Homestead (Early interview.)
    Interview with Rachel Kaplan, Co-Author of Urban Homesteading (Early interview. )
    A Quick Introduction to Transition Towns
    Transition Towns and Transition Harrisburg with Susan Norris and Nathan Spivey (Early interview.)
    One World Permaculture with Caroline Riley Carberry (Early interview.)
    International Permaculture with Rico Zook (Early interview.)
    Native Plants with Dr. Doug Tallamy, Author of Bringing Nature Home (Early interview.)
    Mary Johnson on Climate Change and International Permaculture
    Crowdfunding Permaculture: We The Trees with Christian Shearer
    Natural Building with Cliff Davis
    Regenerative Urban Sutainability Training with Scott Kellogg
    Stream Restoration: Riparian Corridors with Dr. Bern Sweeney
    Participatory Design with Lisa DePiano
    Carbon Farming with Connor Stedman (Part 1)
    Eric Toensmeier on Perennials, Broadscale Permaculture, and Food Forests
    Radical Possibilities with Ethan Hughes
    Carbon Farming with Connor Stedman (Part 2)
    Systemic Change with Bonnie Preston
    Teaching The Permaculture Design Course with Andrew Millison
    Permaculture and Disasters
    My Permaculture Journey with Scott Mann
    Invisible Structures with Adam Brock
    San Diego Sustainable Living Institute with Josh Robinson
    Agroforestry with Steve Gabriel
    Writing the Carbon Farming Toolkit with Eric Toensmeier
    All Roads Lead to Permaculture by Andy Russell
    The Citizen Scientist with Stephen Harrod Buhner
    Biochar, Gasification, and Woodlot Management
    Whole Systems Design and the Resilient Farm with Ben Falk
    World Stove with Nathaniel Mulcahy
    The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener with Niki Jabbour
    Pennsylvania Women’s Agriculture Network with Ann Stone
    Environmental Outreach with Paul Garrett
    Economic and Financial Collapse with Nicole Foss
    Building Resilience with Dan Allen
    Honeybees with Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp
    An Introduction to Radical Mycology
    Urban Landscapes, Bio-Diversity, and Permaculture Education with Marisha Auerbach
    Nonviolent Communication with Karl Steyaert
    A “Pattern Language” for Women in Permaculture with Karryn Olson-Ramanujan
    Permaculture in the Face of Collapse with Dr. George Mobus
    The Way of the Woodsman with Ben Law
    Keyline Design and Coppice Agroforestry with Mark Krawczyk
    Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard
    Restorative Justice with Melanie G. Snyder
    Mushroom Cultivation and Mycoremediation with Tradd Cotter
    Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard (Part 2)
    GoBotany! and Citizen Science with Elizabeth Farnsworth
    Re-Patterning Permaculture with Rachel Kaplan
    Using Permaculture to Reform International Development with Brad Ward
    Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard (Part III)
    Community Development at the Indiana Community Gardens with Dr. Amanda Poole
    Harmony Edible Forest Garden with Trish Wright
    Lester Brown – CHABACON 2014 Keynote Address
    Regenerative Earthworks with Craig Sponholtz
    Integrated Forest Gardening with Bryce Ruddock
    Ecological Culture Design with Dave Jacke
    Culture, Violence, and the Natural World with Derrick Jensen
    Episode 1502: Water Harvesting with Brad Lancaster
    Episode 1504: The Savanna Institute with Keefe Keeley
    Episode 1508: The Permaculture Action Tour with Jasmine Saavedra
    Episode 1517: Community Planning with Steve Whitman
    Episode 1519: Social System Design with Caroline Wallace and Jesse Peterson
    Episode 1523 – Necessary Simplicity with Ethan Hughes (Best of…)
    Episode 1527: Permaculture Design Magazine with John Wages
    Episode 1528: The Commons with David Bollier
    Episode 1529: It takes a whole child to raise a village
    Episode 1531: Guest Editing Permaculture Design Magazine

    Faith and Earthcare:
    Islam, Ethics, and Earth Care with Rhamis Kent (Part 1)
    Permaculture and The Kingdom with Kelly Ware
    Faith and Environmental Education with Todd Garcia-Bish
    Islam with Rhamis Kent (Part 2)
    Rhamis Kent and Islam (Part 3)

    Financial and Professional Permaculture:
    Profitable Permaculture with Warren Brush
    Transitioning to Professional Permaculture Design with Dan French
    Financial Permaculture with Eric Toensmeier
    The Permaculture Credit Union with Bill Sommers
    Green Hacker Spaces with Dr. Wayne Dorband
    Community Development Finance with Bill Sommers
    Ecolonomics with Dr. Wayne Dorband
    Professional Permaculture with Erik Ohlsen
    Josh Trought and D Acres
    Trees and Professional Permaculture with Damien McAnany
    A Critique of Permaculture with Rob Scott
    Permaculture Research with Rafter Sass Ferguson
    Eight Forms of Capital and Regenerative Enterprise with Ethan Roland
    Responsible Business, Responsible Entrepreneur with Carol Sanford

    Food, Farming, and Foraging:
    The Soil Food Web with Jeff Lowenfels
    Holistic Management and Whole Farm Planning with Seth Wilner
    An Introduction to Nutrient Dense Farming with Mary Johnson
    Nutrient Dense Foods with Dan Kittredge
    Thoughts from a Farm Tour (From my tour of Yeehaw Farm)
    Susan Godwin: Success and Hope for Nigeria’s Women Farmers
    A Neo-Horticultural Revival with Chuck Marsh
    The Permaculture Handbook: An Interview with Peter Bane
    Permaculture Farms with Rafter Sass Ferguson
    Urban Agriculture with Adam Brock of The GrowHaus
    Starting a Small Scale Farm with Erin Harvey
    The Vegetable Gardener’s Guide to Permaculture with Christopher Shein
    Community Food Systems and Abundance with Lisa Fernandes
    Waste Farming with John-Paul Maxfield
    Incredible Edible with Pam Warhurst
    Joshua Farm: Urban Agriculture with Kirsten Reinford
    Starting a Sustainable Family Farm with Wayne Herring
    Wild Foods and Foraging with Arthur Haines
    Modern Agriculture Systems with Dr. Laura Jackson
    Foraging with Sam Thayer
    Wild Foods with Arthur Haines
    Healthy Food, Healthy Living with Dr. John Kitsteiner
    Farming During Transition with Wayne Herring
    Farmer’s Stories from the A Gathering of the Farmers Conference
    Edible Landscaping with Michael Judd
    Agroforestry and Farmer to Farmer Networking in Thailand with Michael Commons
    Farming Mushrooms with Steve Gabriel
    The Market Gardener with Jean-Martin Fortier
    Radical Roots Farm with Lee and Dave O’Neill
    Perennial Pasture and Forage with John Arbuckle
    Episode 1503: The Wild Wisdom of Weeds with Katrina Blair
    Episode 1505: Urban Agriculture as Community Development
    Episode 1506: Island Creek Farm with Holly Brown
    Episode 1509: The intersection of foraging and permaculture with Dan De Lion
    Episode 1512: Beginning Foraging with Violet and Wildman Steve Brill
    Episode 1516: Foraging and feasting with Dina Falconi
    Episode 1530: Urban Permaculture in Baltimore, Maryland

    Listener Questions:
    Zone 4 Permaculture with Wilson Alvarez and Ben Weiss
    Small Scale Farming with Wayne Herring

    Natural Building:
    Natural Building and Design with Bob Theis
    More Natural Building with Bob Theis
    Natural Building and with Eric Puro
    Episode 1507: Timber Framing with Patrick Shunney
    Episode 1536: We Can All Be Builders

    Permaculture Education:
    Permaculture Teacher Training Review
    What to Look For When Looking for a Permaculture Design Course
    Gaia University and Appleseed Permaculture, LLC with Dyami Nason-Regan and Ethan Roland (Early interview.)
    The Permaculture Design Course with Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture (Early interview.)
    Teaching Children Permaculture with Kelly Hogan
    Right Living and Authentic Education with Adam Campbell
    Rewilding with Wilson Alvarez and Ben Weiss
    A Different Permaculture Course Tuition / Pricing Model
    Permaculture Education with Adam Campbell (Part 3)
    Homeschooling on the Homestead with Katherine Herring
    Evan Marks and The Ecology Center
    Permaculture Conferences, Convergences, and Community Improvement with Adam Brock
    Jono Neiger on Professional Permaculture, Education, and Community Building
    Michael Judd on Starting Out and Getting Involved with Permaculture
    Episode 1515: Jen Mendez – Teaching Children with Permaculture
    Episode 1520: Farm School with Miriam Volat
    Episode 1522: What is a Permaculture Teacher Training? with Jude Hobbs
    Episode 1525: Peacemaking and Permaculture with Penny Livingston-Stark
    Episode 1537: Building Permaculture Schools in Africa

    Permaculture: Past, Present, and Future:
    Interview: Dillon Cruz (Early interview. Poor audio quality.)
    Revisioning Permaculture with Andrew Faust
    David Holmgren on Permaculture: An Interview.
    Masanobu Fukuoka and Natural Farming with Larry Korn
    Permaculture Activism with Keith Johnson
    Restoring Eden: Zone 4 Permaculture with Wilson Alvarez and Ben Weiss
    The Interface Between Permaculture and The Wild with Michael Pilarski
    Edible Forest Gardens and Permaculture With Dave Jacke
    Landscaping Naturally with Robert Kourik
    Exploring Permaculture with Larry Santoyo
    The Gift by Matt Winters
    Participatory Culture and Community Building with Mark Lakeman
    Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast
    Exploring Urban Permaculture With Mark Lakeman
    Peace and Permaculture Education with Adam Campbell (Part I)
    Permaculture as Revolution with Natasha Alvarez
    The Power of Permaculture with Byron Joel
    Episode 1514: Permaculture Provision Project with Grant Curry

    Permaculture Round Tables:
    Susquehanna Permaculture Round Table (Part 1)
    Susquehanna Permaculture Round Table (Part 2)
    Episode 1524: Right Livelihood with Ben Weiss, Dave Jacke, and Charles Eisenstein
    Episode 1526: Getting right with ourselves & building community featuring Ben Weiss & Dave Jacke
    Episode 1541: The Riverside Project Round Table (Part 1)

    Episode 1513: Rewilding Permaculture with Peter Michael Bauer
    Episode 1538: Community Building (Clear Creek Round table)
    Episode 1540: Myth Making and Storytelling with Jason Godesky

    Short Episodes:
    Strategies for Adapting to a Warmer and More Arid Climate
    Back to Basics – Principle 1: Observe and Interact
    Back to Basics – Principle 2: Catch and Store Energy.
    Back to Basics – Principle 3: Obtain a Yield.
    Back to Basics – Principle 4: Apply Self-Regulation and Accept Feedback
    Experimenting and Experience in Permaculture
    Native Plants in the Landscape Conference @ Millersville
    Back to Basics – Principle 5: Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services
    Permaculture Demystified?
    Building Community Through Direct Action and Leadership
    Your Understanding of Permaculture. Your Mentors. Your Farmers.
    Introduction to Permaculture Reading List
    Wild Neighbor
    Faith, Earth Care, and Politics in Permaculture
    Voting for the Short Show Name is Now Open
    Online PDC+ Registrations Are Now Open
    Permabyte – Mother Earth News Fair 2014
    The Plan for 2015
    Episode 1501: The Best of 2014
    Episode 1521: Hosting the Third Thailand Permaculture Convergence
    Episode 1533: 10 Completely Inspiring Permaculture Podcasts, by Taylor Proffitt
    Episode 1539: Mother Earth News Fair 2016 (Permabyte)
    Episode 1542: Haitian student and American farmer meet shared challenges with different solutions

    Wild Neighbors
    North American Bushcraft School
    Matt Gillespie of Go Sun Stove
    Building local resiliency through placemaking with Matt Bibeau
    Rites of Passage – A Universal Story
    Living with the Land – Part 1 – Forest Gardening
    Living with the land – part 2 – natural building
    Living with the land – part 3 – Farming with Nature
    Living with the land – part 4 – Urban Permaculture: Permablitz
    Living With the Land – Part 5 – No-Dig Gardening
    Living With The Land – Part 6 – Animal-free Farming
    Living With The Land – Part 7 – Off-Grid Living
    Vernacular Architecture with Eric Puro
    Living With The Land – Part 8 – Transformation Through Learning
    Living With The Land – Part 9 – 21st Century Foraging
    Sandorkraut: A Pickle Maker


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