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    1828 – Regen Network, The Blockchain and Transparency for Regenerative Enterprise with Gregory Landua

    Today co-host David Bilbrey sits down with Gregory Landua to talk about Regen Network and how they are using blockchain technology to create transparency and accountability for regenerative businesses. This allows those who use these systems to decentralize how to account for the use of natural resources and how we can, with these tools and others emergent ideas, allow farmers, designers, and others to retain and generate more of their own wealth, in whatever way they value that capital.


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    Find out more about Gregory, the white paper he mentioned, and how to get involved at

    Though I’m not a techno-optimist by any means, I do like to see the interplay of culture, technology, and emerging ideas. How we might use the blockchain, most well known for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, in ways never initially imagined to explore different ways to conduct business, track information, engage in politics, and re-democratize the use of one’s own data.

    Even with those thoughts, I leave this conversation with more questions for Gregory, the Regen Network, and everyone involved with implementing the token, ledgers, and accounting system. How will this open source idea be accountable? Will everyone need to buy a token? If so, what does that mean for accessibility? What kind of technology and Internet connection is required to participate, as Gregory mentioned programmers near the end, and how will that create a digital divide shutting some people out of the system and inviting others in?

    Those are some of the initial questions that come to mind, and I’m sure you have many of your own.

    If you do and would like them included in the next conversation about Blockchain and Regenerative Enterprise, leave a comment in the show notes, or get in touch.

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