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    1810 – The Suburban Micro-Farm: Designing for Neighbors and Small Spaces

    My guest today is Amy Stross, blogger at and author of The Suburban-Microfarm. I wanted Amy to join me for an interview to hear her perspective on creating integrated spaces where people are and will continue to live for the foreseeable future: in cities and suburbs.


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    Drawing on her years of experience in the landscape and her neighborhood, Amy shares what we can do to grow in small yards and gardens by considering our edges, looks at the difference we can make in our pantry if we grow for ourselves or in our wallet if we grow for market, and also shares her thoughts on what the future of permaculture holds as the ethics and principles are put into practice by people adapt these ideas to where they are and through their interests.

    You can find out more about her and all she spoke about at

    What do you think of what Amy shared with us today? How are you building a longer table instead of a higher fence?

    Let me know. Leave a comment in the show notes or get in touch.

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    From here the next conversation is Oliver Goshey. He and I settle in to talk about natural building and designing for disasters.

    Until then, take care of Earth, yourself, and each other.

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    Now that David Bilbrey officially joined me as a co-host instead of his occasional role as a guest host, we’re working on getting him to some events to network and interview people who coincide with his interest in the intersection of business and permaculture.

    The first of those trips is to travel to ReGen18 from May 1 – 4, 2018, in San Francisco, California, to connect with speakers dedicated to his interest: weaving together business and permaculture to transition to the world we want to see.

    Will you be at ReGen18? If so, email and let him know.

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    1. PavelPavel
      April 12, 2018    

      Great interview with lots of practical things you can do.

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