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    1625 – The New Wildcrafted Cuisine with Pascal Baudar



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    My guest for this episode is Pascal Baudar, author of The New Wildcrafted Cuisine. Pascal is taking foraged food and elevating them to more than just something to eat, and creating rich meals from the common, such as wild mustards or acorns, to the uncommon, like lurp sugar or fleas, building on years of experience and hundreds of classes on primitive, wilderness, and survival skills. He ate with fervor at the plate of knowledge so that now we can dine upon meals of wonder with fresh and unexpected flavors.

    Find out more about Pascal and his work at, and his book is at Patreon supporters can use their discount code to save 25% off the price of the book.

    Where you live, what do you eat? Have your forage for foods? Is there a plant you want to know more about, such as how to prepare it, or plan a meal around it? Let me know.

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    From here the next episode is with Rob Hopkins and a conversation about the Transition Town Movement..

    Until then, spend each day eating wild and creating the world you want to live in by taking care of Earth, your self, and each other.

    Pascal Baudar
    The New WIldcrafted Cuisine
    Chelsea Green


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