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    1609 – An introduction to Philadelphia Orchard Project



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    My guest today is Robyn Mello, the program director for Philadelphia Orchard Project, a non-profit installing orchards throughout the city of Philadelphia. We met several years ago in Philadelphia, before she joined Philadelphia Orchard Project, when Peter Bane came to the city to speak about his work and The Permaculture Handbook, and kept in touch as I followed what she was doing in and around the city. In addition to her work with POP, Robyn is an awesome musician with The Radicans, an organizers of BeardFest, a music, art, and sustainability festival, and an all around amazing permaculture practitioner.

    During the conversation we talk about the start of the project, what the organization does, including outreach beyond planting orchards, and Robyn gives a long list of plants that included beyond just trees. The resulting installations have more in common with food forests than what you might imagine when first hearing the word orchard.

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    Find out more about Robyn and Philadelphia Orchard Project at You can also listen to her with The Radicans, and checkout BeardFest.

    As I mention in the opening with Robyn, this is just an introduction to Philadelphia Orchard Project and Ms. Mello. We have a longer, more in-depth conversation that will follow this one in a few weeks. In the meantime if you are in the area, check out POP and see about getting involved.

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    Until the next time, take care of Earth, yourself, and each other.

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    1. March 10, 2016    

      POP’s website is actually, not .net! Join our volunteer listserv there and learn about all our upcoming events! 🙂

    2. Dana HermanDana Herman
      March 14, 2016    

      Thank you Scott for another fantastic podcast. I especially enjoyed this episode as I too know Robyn.
      I eagerly await the extended version as well as the round table discussion recorded earlier this year.

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