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    I spoke with Ethan Hughes recently.

    And after we spent some time catching up, as we haven’t spoken in over a month, the conversation turned to The Possibility Handbook. We talked about where the writing process is at and what we expect for the format and final content. I’d like to share some of those thoughts with you.

    The writing still involves assembling my notes from the PA. I’m amazed by how much we created during that week-long visit. The audio recordings alone totaled over 16 and a half hours of interviews, which I’m in the process of transcribing, and expect that to take me to nearly the end of the year once I include formatting, annotation, and other the other pieces required for this process.

    From just the first transcript and the document collection, there are over 175 pages of notes. At the current transcription rate, where 4 minutes of conversation equals one page, it looks like I’ll wind up with somewhere between 400 and 500 pages of notes, which doesn’t include any graphics. All of that gets distilled down to a final 200 page volume.

    That size comes about because of two interests. One is for international distribution which, thanks to some notes on this from a friend of the show in Australia, requires limiting the size and weight to make shipping easier. The other is Ethan’s desire for a book that you read quickly, in almost any order, and then use to create change.

    For what rests inside the cover we’re planning on approximately 10 15-page chapters. The outline for each is to start with an introduction to the topic followed by details based on the stories from Ethan and the other PA member’s experiences, as well as a commentary from an expert the chapter subject; and a page or two on the actions you can take and where to find more information, including books, teachers, and similar projects.

    Rounding out the book are a series of quick references and appendices around ideas like Conflict Transformation 101, 10 resources for Nonviolent Action, or Sister Community Projects.

    At the moment I’m trusting the process for all of this and do not have an update on the time frame for the final release because of simply how much there is to put together, which also includes at least two rough draft by Ethan and the rest of the PA. Those steps will take as long as is required for everyone to read, reply, and mail the manuscript back to me, then submitting near ready chapters to subject matter experts for commentary. Last will come the final draft, which gets submitted to proofreaders and a copy editor before shipping to the presses.

    With so much already done, as you can see, quite a bit remains. For those of you who support The Possibility Handbook, you’ll receive further updates like this, which include drafts, transcripts, and other materials from the process.

    Next up for supporters is a transcript from the first conversation recorded with Ethan in-person. During that discussion he welcomes us to The Possibility Alliance and begins to share his story his story.

    Pre-Order The Possibility Handbook

    As I bring this update to a close do you have any questions? Comments?

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