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    Episode 1527: Permaculture Design Magazine with John Wages

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    My guest for this episode is John Wages the new editor of Permaculture Design magazine.

    With issue # 96 the long running American permaculture digest Permaculture Activist became Permaculture Design and with that John Wages took over the role as the editor from Peter Bane. During the conversation today John shares with us how he became involved with the magazine, the name change, what we can expect in the near future, and his long-term plans including improved digital content, moving to a full-color format, the desire for a more frequent publication schedule, and even the possibility of additional magazines to cater to different permaculture audiences.

    If you would like to get in touch with John you can reach him directly by emailing

    If you’d prefer to send a letter, that address is:

    Permaculture Design Magazine
    P.O. Box 60669
    Sunnyvale, California 94088

    Or visiting the website, which is up and running beautifully with plenty of great content.

    If this is your first time hearing about this publication, definitely pick up an issue and see what a wealth of information is available and why I got so effusive with John over my love for this staple permaculture publication. A subscription is worth much much more than the cost.

    As John indicated he is also looking for people to assist in a variety of ways with the magazine. I know a number of you listening have experience with writing, publishing, advertising, graphic design, and a whole host of other skills. If you are in a place to lend a hand get in touch. Email John and let him know.

    From here things behind the scenes are busy at the podcast. I spent this past weekend, if you get this show when it comes out, in Brooklyn at the teacher training lead by Jude Hobbs and had a blast with the facilitators and students. For everyone who was there may my non-linear lecture on sense of place and the role of dialog better prepare you to set down roots and be able to meet people where they are at. All my best to each and everyone of the new Teacher Training graduates.

    Research into building a permaculture center and community continues and the Facebook group for that effort is looking into methods of governance while I arrange for a site visit with the realtor.

    I’m heading to Baltimore on July 10th for a tour and to record an interview with Victoria and Eric, the folks at Charm City Farms. August 20-23 I’ll be in Bowling Green, Kentucky at the Radicle Gathering. Friday I’m leading a Q&A on permaculture, Saturday is a community visioning workshop, and Saturday night I’ll be delivering the final keynote address of the weekend, with Eric Puro, of The Poosh being the Friday night keynote speaker. Eric and the crew will be onsite doing demonstrations and workshops as well, so come on out for a great time sharing music and knowledge in community with others. Find out more at

    More details on upcoming events, including a round-table recording near Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, and the Urban Permaculture Conference in New York, as we get closer to those dates.

    In nearly every episode I share how to contact me if there is any way that my experiences and broad network can be of any service to you. The best way to get in touch is to call me. 717-827-6266, but if that doesn’t work because of schedules or timezones, send over an email:

    Something that I really enjoy, and will admit it is a pleasure of mine, is to receive a handwritten letter. That address is:

    The Permaculture Podcast
    P.O. Box 16
    Dauphin, PA 17018

    Next up, on July 8th, is an interview with David Bollier and we’ll be discussing the commons and the role we permaculture practitioners have in protecting that space and forming in new alliances.

    Until then spend each day making the world into the place where you want to live by taking care of Earth, your self, and each other.

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