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    I’m Writing a Book with Ethan Hughes


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    This page is to officially announce that Ethan Hughes and I are writing a book together, and to support this project I’m running a campaign with Ethan’s permission that is only available to listeners of the podcast and people in the know. If you’re listening right now or found this because someone shared it with you, you are one of those people.

    Ethan approached me about this project several months ago as he’s been asked to do something like this in the past, but never felt comfortable before. The times that he and I spoke together, however, created the right space to collect all his thoughts, while I act as the audience to ask questions that add to the final breadth of material we cover.

    In doing this Ethan is giving the manuscript and rights to the material to me as a gift to share with the world and to support the podcast. In doing that I want to give back to him by insuring that this material is accessible by offering it on the podcast website where it can be read online for free, and also as a low cost e-book, and in a print form that meets the ethics of permaculture. This alone is quite a task and why I ask you to help me bring his passion, story, and perspective into the world.

    Our plan begins with me visiting Ethan this Fall or Winter to have a series of recorded conversations structured around a class Ethan created that focuses on how to live intentionally, and includes information about the on the ground reality of living with the deep intent as he has chosen as a way of life; the philosophical and spiritual underpinnings of his work, The Possibility Alliance, and how that can build community; and communicating in order to resolve conflict.

    His talk can take up to 15 hours when he’s the main speaker, and together we expect to record 30 to 40 hours of audio during our time together. Under normal circumstances, that is quite an endeavor, but on a farm with no power and without taking a computer with me so that I might honor how the community lives, it becomes a more interesting challenge.

    For that reason in this initial campaign my goal is to raise $5,000 to purchase equipment designed for high quality recording in the field that doesn’t require large quantities of disposable batteries, a backup recorder to insure we capture all the audio, and a round trip train ticket to and from La Plata, Missouri. As a stretch goal, raising $7,000 allows me to purchase and take along a DSLR camera and associated equipment to record video and take pictures. Anything raised beyond these goals that aren’t used on the project will be donated to The Possibility Alliance as a gift from you and this podcast community to theirs.

    The pledge and reward levels are:

    Pledge $10 to receive an early final copy of the ebook, including an advance copy before the manuscript goes to the press, inclusion of your name on the thank you pages of both the electronic copies of the book, as well as to exclusive stretch goal pictures and videos.

    Pledge $50 to receive a signed copy of the final printed book, early access to draft and final chapters, transcripts of the audio files, and everything at the lower levels.

    Pledge $100 to receive a signed copy of the final printed book; access to all the audio interview files and all the stretch goal photos and videos; and everything at the earlier levels.

    As this is a listener exclusive campaign, early access to the ebook, the chapter drafts, transcripts, audio, and video are only available to those who support this campaign.

    The current expectation is to have the early access materials, including audio and video, to you by the Fall of 2016, though with ongoing rolling releases from the time I return to when everything is complete, with the final printed book releasing in the first half of 2017.

    Financial support isn’t the only way to assist this project. Tell people why a book from Ethan Hughes matters to you. Share the link to this campaign on social media. Get the word out so we can all benefit from having his experiences and knowledge available to everyone in the permaculture community and beyond.

    Link them to:

    You can use the links at each level, or those below, to connect to PayPal today.

    Pledge $10
    Pledge $50
    Pledge $100

    Or if you prefer you can send something via the post to:

    Ethan Hughes Book
    ℅ The Permaculture Podcast
    P.O Box 16
    Dauphin, PA 17018

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