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    Episode 1420: Farming During Transition with Wayne Herring


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    My guest for this episode is Wayne Herring of Herrings Green Grass Farm, and two time guest on the program. His first appearance on the show was to discuss starting a sustainable family farm, and the second as a listener question and answer session about small scale farming.

    This time we talk about his transition away from his corporate life so that he can be near home on a regular basis, as well as starting his creation of a new home-based business, Herring Coach, which helps to provide a balance between family, farming, and income. He also shares with us his thoughts on farming, and paying farmers a reasonable salary for their work, the economics of farming, and the many hats he wears to get everything done.

    If after listening to this episode you would like to reach out to Wayne to learn more about his work as a farmer or so he can help you build your own professional permaculture niche, you can reach him at: w.herring (at) herringcoach (dot) com.

    We’re also discussing, as you’ll hear, about my returning when things get busy to do another conversation. If this is something you would like, please send questions to me through the usual ways.

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    (Episode: 2014-014)

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