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    Episode 1424: Faith, Earth Care, and Politics in Permaculture (Permabyte)


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    This short episode addresses two topics that might be considered controversial in the permaculture community. They are the intersection of faith with permaculture, and also politics as they exist in the permaculture community. The first I’ve experienced directly because of feedback sent in regarding the conversations with Rhamis and Kelly that were released thus far. The second I’m hearing about from people in the community wondering what’s going on.

    I can’t speak much to the latter, because I’ve only heard about it and am not a part of the discussion. As it unfolds, I may have more to share, so my comments in this piece are more my overall perspective about this subject than focusing on one piece of the issue.

    As for faith and earth care, my place in exploring this subject is not to bring religion in to permaculture. You’ve heard how middle of the road I can be at times. I can’t even imagine doing that. However, I can see communicating better and connecting with members of faith by understanding the language they use. In turn we can offer permaculture to others from more diverse backgronds in a way they can approach the material. Does that make sense?

    If it does, or doesn’t, I’d still like to continue the conversation. You can reach me in the usual ways.

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    1. StarrStarr
      September 14, 2014    

      I am doing a film on permaculture. Would you be interested in being interviewed?

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