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    Episode 1419: Farmers’ Stories from the A Gathering of the Farmer’s Conference (Permabyte)


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    This “permabyte” comes from my experiences this past weekend at the A Gathering of the Farmers Conference organized by Certified Naturally Grown, Wilson College, the Fulton Center for Sustainable Living at Wilson College, and the Fulton Farm. Taking my photographer John along with me, we had a pretty incredible time meeting everyone, documenting their work, and also getting some time to relax (well, not really, we got pumped up) with Reverend Billy and The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir.

    A lot happened and I could spend a week of these spontaneous daily musings on the event. However, this particular episode comes from the first round of stories shared that day during the “Short Takes on Real Farm Life.” That includes the impact those stories had on me and the lessons they add to our dialog about permaculture.

    The ten stories were from:
    – Sarah Bay, Fulton Farm at Wilson College
    – Rebecca Croog, Gettysburg College Student Farm
    – JJ Dabs, Cherry Grove Farm
    – David Dietz, Dietz Produce
    – Hanna Grose, The Gleaning Project of South Central PA
    – Molly McCullagh and Ben Currotto, Real Food Farm/Civic Works
    – Mike Nolan, Earth Spring Farm
    – Judi Radel, Yeehaw Farm
    – Sally Voris, White Rose Farm
    – Ben Wenk, Three Springs Fruit Farm

    Their stories, and the wisdom contained within, were the inspiration for this episode of the show. Each one of them also reminded me why social and economic permaculture are part of my calling.

    But I wouldn’t have been able to attend if not for all the people who organized the event and made it a success. So I’d also like to thank:

    – Alice Veron, executive director of Certified Naturally Grown
    – The Organizing Committee: Elizabeth, Sarah B., Sarah S., Dianne, and Ryan.
    – All the volunteers who added their time and dedication to the cause.
    – The participants for coming together and making this such a great conference.
    – Brian Snyder for his keynote speech.
    – Reverend Billy and The Stop Shopping Choir for joining in the fun, and staying to share fellowship and camaraderie at the bonfire.
    – Ryan K. for inviting me to come out.
    – John Staley for joining me and acting as the podcast photographer.

    I’ll follow up this podcast and posting in a few days with a gallery of pictures from the conference. John is working on processing them currently. Of some 600 photographs taken, we have proof sheets for 140 of the best that will be selected from to share more with you.

    If you have questions or just want to start a conversation about what you heard, feel free to contact me.

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    Twitter: @permaculturecst

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