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    Episode 1416: Permaculture Demystified? (Permabyte)


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    No, probably not. The question, “What is permaculture at the core?” has been weighing on my thoughts recently as I prepare for a Permaculture 101 presentation.

    When Eric from Baltimore asked for a piece on Demystifying Permaculture, it seemed ripe as a way to look at the subject. However, I don’t know that the results are what he was looking for. Rather than answer the question, it is more likely that this will lead to a larger dialog within the community about what permaculture is, and how we approach it as a design system moving forward.

    But, it is an incredibly important conversation to have.

    Agree with me? Don’t? Want to share your thoughts?

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    1. ManyWhiteBushmanManyWhiteBushman
      March 6, 2014    

      Great! Thanks very much! I agree somewhat with Russ, you really don’t know until you’re standing in the middle of it. But, how do you reach those that have no clue, how do you set a primer for those folks to get engaged? LOL, you send them Scott Mann’s The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann

      • JayJay
        March 7, 2014    

        I think permaculture is ever evolving. There are so many sides/.angles views.
        It’s almost as if its a living breathing person.

        This simple statement, the first sentence from the home page of Midwest Permaculture, I think would make a great start to a conversation:
        “Permaculture is about designing ways in which we as humans can live abundantly well on our planet, while ALSO leaving it in a better condition then when we arrived on it.

        When I came across this, just something about it clicked with me.
        For me it was one more step in The right direction to “Demystifying Permaculture”.

    2. JayJay
      March 7, 2014    

      I haven’t quite figured out the social media thing
      And don’t know if this has been suggested. . .
      For your Permaculture Shorts how about:
      “Reflecting with Scott Mann”

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