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    Episode 1451: Faith and Earthcare: Rhamis Kent and Islam (Part 3)


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    This is the third, and last, episode in the series with Rhamis Kent covering Islam and Earth Care. If you haven’t listened to the first two, you’ll want to begin there before hearing this show, or if you heard them originally and want a refresher. You’ll find those past episodes here:

    Islam, Ethics, and Earth Care with Rhamis Kent (Part 1)
    Faith and Earthcare: Islam with Rhamis Kent (Part 2)

    Much of the conversation in this episode is about being responsible for our own lives, and for having dignity and respect for others. I appreciate this discussion for the openness that Rhamis brought to the interview, and the space we created in which to hold the conversation. The topics aren’t easy, but they need to be talked about. Thankfully, Rhamis is a gifted speaker who brought patience and understanding to the interview, even as we spoke for many, many, hours.

    When putting the other episodes for this series together, I thought I would end with a long commentary to close out this three part interview with Rhamis. I don’t, however, have a long commentary to end with, rather, this series stands on it’s own.

    My final thoughts are this: to take care of one another, we must know each another. Sometimes that is easy, when we are with people like ourselves. Sometimes that is hard, when we don’t have the means to understand a person and their background, but through a dialogue, a conversation, we can begin down the road of knowing them.

    Until the next time, reach out and get to know someone better than you do already so that we can truly create the world we want to see. If there’s any way I can help you, let me know.

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