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    Episode 1427: Permabyte – A Review of Groundbreaking Food Gardens by Niki Jabbour


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    This short is a review of Niki Jabbour‘s Groundbreaking Food Gardens. This book arrived in my mailbox, as a promotional copy, while editing the interview with Michael Judd was underway. I found this book compliments Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist rather well. Michael’s provides permaculture, edible landscaping, and projects you can explore, while Niki’s adds to the different techniques you can use while also having gardens that look good and are functional.

    Within the cover are numerous different styles of gardens that you can explore for any and all environments. Though largely geared towards North America, you can use your knowledge of permaculture to adapt them to your local needs.

    If you are new to permaculture and interested in gardening, pick up this book along with Michael’s to supplement your introductory reading, and so you can start to get your hands in the soil sooner. If you’re an experienced permaculture practitioner, this book provides a number of designs that you can use as short-cuts to let you focus on the trickier parts of permaculture design.

    Wherever you are in your personal exploration of permaculture, I think this book is a good addition to a gardening, or permaculture, library.

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    1. Terry KarneckiTerry Karnecki
      March 29, 2014    

      Hello and thank you soooo much for your show. It is the best out there on these topics.

      I did especially appreciate the interview about nutrient dense gardening. In fact, I just listened to it for the second time!

      You asked & I will answer: Yes! I would love a multi-part in-depth continuation of this topic.

      Thank you again, peace, Terry

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