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    Episode 1403: Urban Landscapes, Bio-Diversity, and Permaculture Education with Marisha Auerbach


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    My guest for this episode is Marisha Auerbach, a permaculture designer and teacher from Portland, Oregon.

    She joins me today to talk about her work in the urban environment and her intentional choice to move to Portland to build working examples of the systems needed to exemplify what we can do. From there we touch on biodiversity and savings seeds, then cover some educational opportunities coming up that Marisha is involved with, and end with a general conversation about permaculture education and whether or not the on-line space is an appropriate one in which to teach permaculture.

    We cover a lot of ground and Marisha’s long involvement in the community means there are copious resources listed below. You will also find links to several past guests she mentions to support our conversation together.

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    Herb’n Wisdom, Marisha’s Blog.

    Marisha’s upcoming events:
    Maya Mountain Research Farm (Belize PDC)
    The 2014 Local Food Enterprise Summit: A Financial Permaculture Convergence

    People and places:
    Bullock Brothers
    The Evergreen State College
    Forest Shoemer
    Gary Nabhan
    Wild Thyme Farm

    Abundant Life Seed Foundation (Now merged with Territorial Seed Company)
    The American Livestock Breed Conservancy
    Seed Savers Exchange

    Plants and Animals:
    Ahimsa Silk
    Coast Strawberry
    Lower Salmon River Winter Squash
    Silver Fox rabbit

    Join in the conversations:

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    Phone: 717-eight-two-seven-6266
    Twitter: @permaculturecst

    (Episode 2014-003)

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    1. Pamela MelcherPamela Melcher
      January 19, 2014    

      Excellent interview. I appreciate very much the fact that Marisha is focusing on helping people who live in urban areas. I learned a lot of valuable information. Thank you.

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