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    Episode 1438: Back to Basics – Principle 2: Catch and Store Energy. (Permabyte)


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    This episode examines Principle 2: Catch and Store Energy as presented by David Holmgren in his book, Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability. My focus at this time is on the mindset of how this principle provides a space for foresight and thinking about long-term needs and goals, as well as for the here-and-now.

    To accompany this I recommend you listen to Matt Winters “The Gift” for what I consider a narrative showing permaculture as a comprehensive approach across place and time.

    From there, the following guest’s discussions offer additional insight into the various elements of how we can think about as well as apply this principle.

    Exploring Permaculture with Larry Santoyo
    Natural Building and Design with Bob Theis
    More Natural Building with Bob Theis
    Modern Agricultural Systems with Dr. Laura Jackson
    Carbon Farming with Connor Stedman (Part 1)
    Carbon Farming with Connor Stedman (Part 2)

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