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    Episode 1341: Environmental Outreach with Paul Garrett


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    My guest for this episode is Paul Garrett, a retired teacher, who spent the last 20 years working as an environmental educator beginning in his elementary school classes, and then in the community. In addition to his work continuing to teach in various ways, he also coordinates a high school environmental club, an adult environmental club, and in coordinating local green businesses.

    I’ve known Paul for several years, and we’ve been playing tag since I started the show about sitting down for an interview, but our schedules never quite aligned. Thankfully, we finally made it happen.

    One of the reasons I like Paul, beyond his incredibly gracious personality and deep passion for what his work, is that he’s taking action to help people build a better world. When speakers come to his environmental club meetings they are focused on sharing information that people can use to make a change. He’s done so much in these areas, he was recently awarded the Harrisburg Volunteer Citizen of the Year award.

    Paul’s work is another model, or pattern if you will, for others to replicate in their own community. Whether or not you are actively practicing permaculture, or just want to use the skills you currently have to make a difference, there are always places to apply your knowledge and fill a niche.

    One that stands out from this interview is for teachers, and how they can get more environmental education, including permaculture, into schools. Whether that’s directly as a class or indirectly through after school programs, the options abound.

    Like my interview with Larry Korn, I don’t have anything else to add. What Paul shares speaks for itself.


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