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    Episode 1309: Community Food Systems and Abundance with Lisa Fernandes


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    My guest for this episode is Lisa Fernandes, a permaculture practitioner and teacher, from Portland, Maine who is involved with the Eat Local Foods Coalition.

    We begin by talking about the Eat Local Foods Coalition which leads to talking about Community Supported Fisheries (CSF), a sea-food based analogue to Community Supported Agriculture, where consumers directly support producers. A question I pose about the sustainability of these systems leads us down the road of considering water quality when we design for the land, the evolving nature of permaculture education, and the need for a mindset of abundance. Though the food system and abundance conversations exist across a gulf of this episode, the way they tie together resulted in the title of this episode.

    Eric Toensmeier mentioned Lisa in a previous episode which lead me to want to talk to her. I’m thankful I did. Lisa comes through in a clear voice that articulates her connections to this material, and her points, concisely, as opposed to my own rambling meanderings.

    Lisa M. Fernandes
    Resilience Hub
    Portland Maine Permaculture

    Ted Ames
    Gulf of Maine Research Institute
    Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance
    Penobscot East Resource Center

    Food Systems:
    Russell Libby
    Eat Local Foods Coalition
    Food Solutions New England
    The Maine Food Strategy
    Northeast Permaculture Region
    Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

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