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    Episode 1324: All Roads Lead to Permaculture by Andy Russell (Permabyte)


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    This episode is an audio version of “All Roads Lead to Permaculture” an article written by a friend of the show Andy Russell, who runs the excellent blog Autonomy Acres.

    Andy reached out to me several months ago and ever since then I’ve been following his work through his website. When I read his post, I wanted to include it in the show somehow. Thankfully, Andy was open to recording it in his own voice for me to share with you, adding another perspective on the path to permaculture.

    Listening to Andy’s piece while putting together the episode left me thinking about Fred Rogers the host of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, a long running popular children’s program in the United States that my wife and I watch with our young children. Watching that show again as an adult I realize that Mr. Roger’s continually reminds us that we are special. We are unique. I think about that every time I hear someone else’s perspective on permaculture. How they came to it, why it matters to them, why they do it. In each story, regardless of how removed it is from my own, is something to connect with.

    Though we might not always agree with someone, what they have to say, or sometimes focus on the differences between us, in the end we’re all human and I think we have more in common with one another than differences. It’s connecting at the personal level that matters. Sharing an interest in family. In sports. In woodworking, or basket weaving, or art.

    Growing food. Taking care of one another. Building community. Let’s focus on that. And create a better world.

    All Roads Lead to Permaculture (Original Article)
    Autonomy Acres
    Andy Russell

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    1. Vincent LizotteVincent Lizotte
      April 20, 2013    

      This is a beautiful statement of permaculture with which I strongly resonate. Thank you both to Andy and to Scott for your efforts; from them I draw inspiration and a funny sort of comraderie.

      Vincent Lizotte
      London, Ontario, Canada

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