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    Episode 1121: PDC – Origins and History of Permaculture


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    This episode is the first episode you should listen to when it comes to the very beginnings of Permaculture.  Including the history, early influences, and basic underlying reasons for it’s development.  This and the next, Core Concepts: Prime Directive, Ethics, and Principles, inform the rest of the process that goes into formulating and laying out a design.  Without these, no amount of technique will allow you to truly implement Permaculture.

    There are quite a few books mentioned in this episode.  If you are having problems finding them, the Web has always been my most reliable source to get them.  In particular, Abe Books and Amazon.  If you click the “Resources” link at the top of the page at there is a long list of recommended reading that links out to Amazon and helps to support the show.


    1. Troy OstranderTroy Ostrander
      May 12, 2011    

      Scott, Thanks again for addressing my question. I will be thinking about your definition of permaculture. I like that you used the word “fun” in yours because a) permaculture is fun and b) it adds a positive flavor to the “sell” of permaculture in light of of the problems it starts to solve. (That’s why I like the Peter Bain definition) Such as the energy descent issue, industrial agricultural destruction of the soil and water, etc. I find that these are real buzz kill issues for people to consider and sometimes I can get too focused describing problems and the conversation ends with a bitter taste. So lets be left with thoughts of fun, common sense, simplicity, letting nature be nature, less toll….Best, Troy

    2. Troy OstranderTroy Ostrander
      May 12, 2011    

      Study with Patrick Whitefield this summer 2011:

    3. May 20, 2011    

      First listen of the podcast today Scott and I really liked it.

      One definition I like for permaculture is “a system of solutions”. Simple, clear and positive. Lacking a sense of fun admittedly.

      Thanks for your work in providing this. I’ll listen to some more episodes over the days and weeks ahead.

    4. May 23, 2011    

      Hi there,
      I am a new listener and am enjoying the show. I am having problems downloading this episode (PDC: Origins and History of Permaculture) via Itunes. Please can you fix the link.
      Many thanks

    5. javamanjavaman
      June 1, 2011    

      This podcast is not available anymore… I would love to listen to it. This looks to be a good episode.

      • June 1, 2011    

        This has been updated to correct the problem. I was able to download the episode through iTunes and another podcast program. You may need to remove and re-add the show in order for the updated show to appear.

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