May 232011

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Have you ever been out in a garden or other location and wanted to get a measurement only to realize you were missing your tape measure or other tool?  This show will help prepare you so are always able to get an approximate idea of the distances and spaces you are dealing with.  Here you will learn about:

  • Using the body to estimate
  • Tools as common reference
  • Step length for walking off larger distances.
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May 092011

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This episode is the first episode you should listen to when it comes to the very beginnings of Permaculture.  Including the history, early influences, and basic underlying reasons for it’s development.  This and the next, Core Concepts: Prime Directive, Ethics, and Principles, inform the rest of the process that goes into formulating and laying out a design.  Without these, no amount of technique will allow you to truly implement Permaculture.

There are quite a few books mentioned in this episode.  If you are having problems finding them, the Web has always been my most reliable source to get them.  In particular, Abe Books and Amazon.  If you click the “Resources” link at the top of the page at there is a long list of recommended reading that links out to Amazon and helps to support the show.

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